How The Warlock Emporium Ltd. Helps Customers Understand The True Satanic Philosophy

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I’m Thomas Denis, the founder of The Warlock Emporium Ltd. I operate in the E-commerce Religious Philosophy industry. The most challenging part of my business is explaining that the Satanic philosophy and religion have nothing to do with worshiping the devil.

However, people cannot seem to divorce themselves from the dreaded “S” word, which hinders an individual’s personal development. I will even get crackpots who ask stupid questions about how to conjure demons.

The core of the philosophy and religion of Satanism is in the etymology of the word Satan which means “adversary.” The term didn’t get used in the Bible until the second testament. Therefore, Satanism is about liberating the individual and becoming independent of societal constraints.

It’s the psychological profiling of man’s and woman’s natural urges and tendencies without trying to repress them unhealthily, leading to the problems you see in everyday society. It teaches one to understand themselves and live life to the fullest.

A satanist is an adversary to all the wrong things in the world today. It’s a life-loving philosophy period! Please keep reading to learn how we help clients understand the true satanic philosophy.

The Challenge: Customers don’t understand my brand
My clients don’t understand the meaning behind my merchandise and why I sell it. When they discover it’s associated with the Satanic religion, which is legal, they automatically become defensive and questioning.

Life is about study, not worship, so it’s tough for people to comprehend the fact that we don’t worship anything other than ourselves and loved ones. There is no Church or mandatory sermons. The church we attend is the church of ourselves. We encourage all people to wake up and worship the beautiful lives we have and the people in them.

The Solution: Educate the public
I educate people on the philosophy and debunk Christian influence over the term Satan. I direct them to well-researched sources where they can read and make an informed decision.

While educating people, the most significant challenge I face is bigotry. Those who don’t understand the philosophy are usually quite bigoted and very closed-minded. On the other hand, a Satanist questions everything for validity. We don’t just accept the sacred cows placed at our feet as the absolute truth.

Therefore, I encourage individuals that are more comfortable being part of a herd mentality to do some research. However, I understand that there will always be people who want to conform with the herd and will never understand the Satanic philosophy, which is ok.

The Bottom Line
It’s a lifelong pursuit. I tackle the issue virtually every day. Those that open their mind to it and read often see themselves reflected in its writings. I often get people coming back to me saying, ‘Wow, I never knew that I’m a Satanist,’ and that’s the biggest reward I could ever get for the work I do.

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